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Microsoft Edge Add-ons store will stop accepting new v2 extensions

ExtensionNinja | 6/17/2022

Microsoft Edge Add-ons store is following suite and will stop accepting new v2 extension submissions with Public or Hidden visibility from July 2022. This news is aligned with the Chrome Web Store that made similar enforcements in January. Similar to Chrome Web Store, you will continue to be able to publish updates to existing manifest v2 extensions in Edge Add-ons store.

Timeline to migrate to v3 manifest is pretty short. From January 2023, v2 extensions will stop working in Chromium browsers (except with Enterprise policy) and no more updates will be accepted in stores. Then from June 2023, v2 extensions will stop working even with enterprise policy.

Short migration and no exceptions policy will affect enterprises the hardest. In-house extensions have not suffered from trust concerns and will hardly benefit from the stricter programming model. It’s time to inform your decision makers in the organization and budget some time for manifest v3 migration in the next quarter.

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