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Best Chrome extensions for Productivity in 2022

ExtensionNinja | 5/13/2022

It’s hard to be productive on the web when there are so many distractions. We have a list of extensions that will help to reduce distractions and reclaim your productivity.

Many websites are competing for your attention and it takes a lot of energy to keep up with the amount of information you need to process to complete your job. Let chrome extensions do some of the heavy lifting and remember passwords for you, declutter websites from annoying ads and banners or complete block time sinks like social media. Start working smarter in 2022 and share this list with your co-workers. Continue reading...

Best Chrome extensions for Web Designers in 2022

ExtensionNinja | 5/13/2022

We have collected a list of the best Chrome extensions that will help to save your time and be more productive while working on website design. Most of the built-in browser tools are geared to web developers, so we have curated a list of extensions dedicated to web designer needs and workflows. Continue reading...

Best dark mode extensions for Chrome in 2022

ExtensionNinja | 3/22/2022

Are you experiencing eye strain when browsing or working on a computer? If yes, then you should look into dark mode extensions for your browser. Dark mode extension helps to invert website colors to dark palette without sacrificing readability. Darker colors emit less light and help to reduce eye strain. Dark mode can even increase your laptop battery life if it has an OLED display.

You don’t need to spend hours researching which dark mode extension you should pick. We have done the research for you and prepared a top 5 list of the best dark mode extensions for Chrome browser. Continue reading...