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How to get an Established Publisher badge in Chrome Web Store?

ExtensionNinja | 10/9/2022

“Established Publisher” badge is another new way introduced by the Chrome Web Store team to distinguish publishers with good track record and adherence to store guidelines. This badge should give more peace of mind to users and increase chances that users chose your extensions instead of low quality competitors. You also get your website address shown more prominently in the Web Store listing page. So, how do you get this badge? Continue reading...

How to get a Featured extension badge in Chrome Web Store?

ExtensionNinja | 10/8/2022

The new featured extension badge in Chrome Web Store is a way to differentiate your extension from competition. It’s a signal of trustworthiness to users visiting your extension listing page and can help to boost installation rate for your extension. Let’s take a look at how you can earn the featured badge for your extension. Continue reading...

Dev 101: How to load unpacked extension

ExtensionNinja | 9/12/2022

Chrome browser extension development journey starts by learning how to load your extension without first publishing it to Chrome Web Store. Luckily, it’s very easy to begin and anyone can do it without paying any developer license fees. You just need to do a couple easy steps. Continue reading...

How to try Manifest v3 extensions in Firefox (developer preview)

ExtensionNinja | 7/30/2022

I previously wrote that Mozilla still has no clear timeline when Manifest v3 will get mainstream support in Firefox. But it does not mean you can’t start experimenting and preparing for the inevitable MV3 migration in the Firefox browser right now. Continue reading...

Setting trader disclosure correctly in Chrome Web Store

ExtensionNinja | 7/17/2022

As an extension developer you have probably seen a new dialog in Chrome Web Store asking you to state if you are a trader or non-trader. If those terms sound confusing, you are not the only one. Read on to learn where the new regulations are coming from and how to correctly set your trader disclosure. Continue reading...

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