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How to use Google Analytics 4 in Chrome Web Store

ExtensionNinja | 3/31/2023

Google has finally released support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in Chrome Web Store. Until now extension developers were left anxious of impeding deprecation without any way to move forward in Chrome Web Store.

Google has not only added support for the new GA4 property type, but also made the entire experience of adding analytics to Chrome Web Store listings easier. You only need to click “Opt in to Google Analytics” button on your store listing page and everything will be setup automatically. You will get a new Google Analytics 4 property specifically set up for your extension. If you have group publisher setup, then the same access permissions will also automatically apply to the analytics property.

Do not forget that you need to migrate to Google Analytics 4 by July 1st, 2023. Otherwise, analytics reporting will break, and you will start losing valuable data.

I will do more exploration on what new capabilities Google Analytics 4 brings to Chrome extension developers once I have more time to play with it. For now, it is working and much more seamless integration than before.

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