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Edge Add-ons Store has added extension analytics feature

ExtensionNinja | 2/4/2022

Microsoft Edge Add-ons store is still in Beta, but it's quickly catching up to Google Chrome Web Store. One of the biggest pain points was the lack of any kind of analytics on how an extension is performing in the store. Knowing how many people installed your extension or how many weekly users you have might seem like a minimum bar, but it was missing in the Add-ons store.

Recently, Edge Add-ons store has introduced an analytics page for Edge extensions. It almost one to one matches what Chrome Web Store provides. One thing the analytics page still lacks is uninstall statistics. Uninstall count is great to quickly judge extension churn and check after major changes are made to your extension.

One opportunity where Edge Add-ons store analytics could surpass Chrome Web Store is giving more information on how users are discovering extension listing. Where are users coming from, what search queries are users using. This would help extension developers to tune extension description to match exactly what users are looking for. Or even discover new niches and features that are not covered by existing extensions.

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