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How to get an Established Publisher badge in Chrome Web Store?

ExtensionNinja | 10/9/2022

“Established Publisher” badge is another new way introduced by the Chrome Web Store team to distinguish publishers with good track record and adherence to store guidelines. This badge should give more peace of mind to users and increase chances that users chose your extensions instead of low quality competitors. You also get your website address shown more prominently in the Web Store listing page. So, how do you get this badge?

Established Publisher badge can only be earned not purchased. You have to have your publisher identity verified and have a good track record of adhering to Chrome Web Store developer guidelines. In simple terms, the last point means that you almost never fail the extension publishing review. It also means that you can boost your success rate by publishing updates more often without adding changes that could get flagged in the review.

Introduction of new badges shows that Google is trying to lift the quality and trustworthiness of the Chrome Web Store. It’s a great move to reward honest developers and let’s hope it extends beyond badges and will start influencing search rankings and placement in the Web Store.

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