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How to get a Featured extension badge in Chrome Web Store?

ExtensionNinja | 10/8/2022

The new featured extension badge in Chrome Web Store is a way to differentiate your extension from competition. It’s a signal of trustworthiness to users visiting your extension listing page and can help to boost installation rate for your extension. Let’s take a look at how you can earn the featured badge for your extension.

The featured badge can not be purchased. Badge can only be earned by following Chrome Web Store and extension development best practices. It’s meant as a reward for producing a high quality extension that strictly follows extension platform guidelines. From another perspective, it’s also a way to demote low quality extensions without kicking them from the store entirely.

Guidelines that contribute towards the Featured badge on Chrome Web Store:

  • Extension complies with Chrome Web Store policies
  • Extension runs on Manifest v3 runtime
  • Extension follows security best practices
  • Extension handles user private data in line with privacy laws in different countries and meets Chrome Web Store data privacy requirements
  • Extension is performant and consumes only the necessary resources needed to complete primary actions
  • Extension is easy to use and intuitive
  • Extension’s store listing correctly sets user expectations. Contains high quality images and detailed description.

Once you have updated your extension and store listing to meet all the requirements you have two options. You can wait for your extension to be recognized or submit it for consideration manually. My recommendation would be to give some time and see if your users are noticing the positive changes first. Is your extension rating increasing?

If you believe your extension meets all necessary guidelines you can try the manual submission process by creating a support request (under My item > I want to nominate my extension). Try to be honest when assessing your extensions and don’t be spammy. You may get shadow banned if you try too many times.

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