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Setting trader disclosure correctly in Chrome Web Store

ExtensionNinja | 7/17/2022

As an extension developer you have probably seen a new dialog in Chrome Web Store asking you to state if you are a trader or non-trader. If those terms sound confusing, you are not the only one. Read on to learn where the new regulations are coming from and how to correctly set your trader disclosure. Continue reading...

Microsoft Edge Add-ons store will stop accepting new v2 extensions

ExtensionNinja | 6/17/2022

Microsoft Edge Add-ons store is following suite and will stop accepting new v2 extension submissions with Public or Hidden visibility from July 2022. This news is aligned with the Chrome Web Store that made similar enforcements in January. Similar to Chrome Web Store, you will continue to be able to publish updates to existing manifest v2 extensions in Edge Add-ons store. Continue reading...

Solved: The extensions gallery cannot be scripted

ExtensionNinja | 6/17/2022

“Error: The extensions gallery cannot be scripted.” is thrown when the extension is trying to run chrome.scripting.executeScript on the Chrome Web Store. On Edge browser the same happens both for the Chrome Web Store and Edge Add-ons store. The primary reason for this is security and web page tampering prevention. Continue reading...

Solved: The message port closed before a response was received

ExtensionNinja | 6/9/2022

I encountered the “port closed” exception after converting my extension to Manifest v3. This exception should be mostly harmless, but it was affecting the logic of my extension. I needed to find the root cause. Continue reading...

Apple Safari 15.4 brings extension Manifest v3 support

ExtensionNinja | 3/22/2022

Apple Safari 15.4 is the first version that adds support for “manifest_version: 3”. Apple is jumping on the Manifest v3 train and it’s great news for browser extension developers. We will be able to use the same extension code on all major browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Continue reading...

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